At the McKeen Family Farm, we raise and sell home-grown organic/naturally raised beef by the side, mixed quarter or freezer pack.

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Lean Ground Beef - $7.00 per pound in one pound packages. Stew Beef - $8.00 per one pound package. Liver, Heart, Kidney and Tongue available at $5.00/lb Excellent marrow bones at $4.00/lb.

More Information about our Beef:

We will deliver on orders over 100 lbs. For smaller orders, you can call ahead or email us at mckeenfarm@shaw.ca and pick up at Greendale Pottery.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL MIXED QUARTERS AND SIDES OF OUR 2014 BEEF ARE NOW FULLY RESERVED. We are no longer taking orders for 2015 as we are retiring from farming, and new owners will be taking over the farm this spring. More info to follow for their new contact information.

More Information about our Locally Raised, all Natural Beef:

Our cattle are pasture raised on our family farm here in Greendale, grass fed and finished with a bit of flatted barley, apples and plums from our fruit trees. Although we use no growth hormones or steroids and our beef is raised organically, it is not certified organic. All beef is provincially inspected, and hung by our local butcher for minimum 14 days before being cut and wrapped to our specifications. We are very particular about the way our animals are cared for, fed, slaughtered, hung, and cut and wrapped in order to ensure the very best flavor and greatest tenderness possible.

We normally butcher throughout the fall, and have a list of about 200 returning customers. We have been selling beef this way for 16 years. Each year, we raise a few more to keep up to the demand and new customers and we now have 48 head grazing on our farm, including our Momma cows! What our Customers Say About our Home-Grown Naturally Raised Beef:"Holly & Ken, your beef is incredibly succulent. I know we would both like to be on your list again for early autumn!" Dorothy, Galliano Island

Why buy Naturally Raised, Local Beef?

Our Greendale Angus cattle lead happy, healthy lives, enjoying grazing naturally and bonding with their calves. Life on our small farm in Greendale is a far stretch from life in the cramped quarters of a commercial feedlot where most "grocery store" beef is produced.

Many of our beef are born and raised right here on our farm. Others are purchased at a young age and brought directly to the farm where they are grazed on our seven pastures. They have a diet of rich, green coastal grass - and we tend our pastures well to ensure the feed is high in nutrition. Not everyone cares to meet their meat, but if you do, you can. Buying locally is a great way to contribute to your local economy and get involved in and support small agricultural producers, your community and neighbours. You can reduce your carbon footprint considerably by buying local grass-fed beef right off the farm. And you'll find there's no comparison for flavour and tenderness - it's amazingly good!

Better than organic?

Our farm has participated in the Canada - British Columbia Environmental Farm Plan Program, receiving certification as having met or exceeded all requirements for environmental sustainability. Our beef is not certified as organic for a number of regulatory reasons - however, it is naturally raised here on our farm, as close to organic as possible, without the use of growth hormones or steroids. To claim that our beef is better than organic may at first glance seem like a strong statement - but - the fact is that most organic beef on the market today is actually industrial organic grain fed beef - this can be quite different than pasture fed, naturally raised. The term "organic" does not govern how the animals are treated, whether they are fed grass or only grain, how much fossil fuel is consumed for production and transportation of feed and meat. It's our belief that compared to industrial organic beef products, our Greendale Angus Beef, raised with care & close attention here in Chilliwack, is better for you, better for the animals, better for the environment and our local community.


If you have any further questions or would like to order a side or quarter of beef, give us a call at 604-823-6430 or email us at mckeenfarm@shaw.ca.